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Press Release   •   Sep 16, 2013 11:35 BST

As part of the objective to make the brand a household name in the UK, Allianz is launching a TV advertising campaign, which will be broadcast for the first time tonight during the Doc Martin series on ITV1.

The brand awareness campaign was launched earlier this year with a multi-media campaign in the press, major outdoor poster sites, backs of buses and on multiple digital platforms. The television advertising is the next stage of the campaign and it will be complemented again with outdoor posters, bus backs and digital media in October.

The advert is a humorous as well as an empathetic look at the familiar stresses and strains associated with the school run. Set against a car race background, Mums and Dads are seen struggling to cope with the demands of getting their kids to the finishing line to avoid being late for school. 

Recent research from Allianz revealed that the ‘taxi of Mum and Dad’ is alive and well and that the school run, together with ferrying kids to after school activities, makes up 87% of the journeys Mum and Dads make on their children’s behalf.

The research also revealed that parents spend an average of five hours a week either driving their kids around which includes the school run, or just waiting around for their children to finish at school or an after school activity.

The Allianz school run advert will be shown on over 30 different TV channels with the aim of highlighting that Allianz understands the demands people face in their every day lives and as insurance experts, the company can be trusted with the ‘A to Z’ of people’s insurance needs.

David Radford, director of market management, said:

"Internationally the Allianz brand is very well known, but our aim is to increase awareness in the UK.  We are progressively investing in building a stronger brand which will help us, our brokers and our  partners enjoy continued success."

He added:

"Allianz has world class credentials when it comes to insurance expertise. The brand is known to many fans of motor racing and this campaign compares the pressures of everyday life with those of a Grand Prix. It demonstrates that Allianz is a company you can trust to look after your insurance needs from A to Z …or from Formula One to the school run!"


Allianz Insurance is one of the largest general insurers in the UK and part of the Allianz SE Group, the largest property and casualty insurer worldwide.

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