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Health safety and wellbeing manager, Diana Salmon
Health safety and wellbeing manager, Diana Salmon

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Allianz launches mental health first aid training for employees

Allianz believes employee wellbeing, health and safety are all equally important. Giving our people managers the skills to effectively support their teams is also a key part of our commitment to building high performing teams. Working with specialists in this field, as well as having Mind as our corporate charity partner we have a fantastic opportunity to further improve our knowledge and understanding of mental health.

Currently Allianz employees have access to a number of resources to call upon in times of need:

• Employee Assistance Programme – access to a free, confidential helpline, as well as face to face counselling
• Occupational health advice – guidance on how to support colleagues within the workplace
• Mental health awareness training – as well as mindfulness and building resilience
• Information – available on the intranet, including the Wellbeing site
• Wellbeing champions – promoting and engaging colleagues with activities to reduce stress within the working environment

As an organisation we’re committed to having the same number of mental health first aiders as we have physical first aiders with the same status and time for training. A new development to support this aim is the introduction of Mental Health First Aider Training.

Employees can register for two courses:
• Mental Health First Aider Training
• Mental Health Training for Line Managers

Allianz’s Health Safety and Wellbeing Manager Diana Salmon, said:

“The training develops the skills needed to recognise various mental health conditions and help colleagues needing assistance to find the most appropriate support. I’m sure we will get a strong response from people wanting to sign up.”



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