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Neil Clutterbuck, CUO, reacts to joint ABI and BIBA green card research

Joint research from the ABI and BIBA  issued this morning that revealed more than half of people surveyed (55%) did not realise they must carry a motor insurance green card if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. 

Our CUO Neil Clutterbuck provided the following response: 

“Awareness of the need for a green card is as crucial for the commercial world as it is for private motorists. We have developed an automated solution which we switched on in March. This online portal means cards can be emailed or posted to the broker or direct to their client if requested. As the document needs to be printed on green paper however, we anticipate that postal will most likely be the preferred option. The portal will ensure a smooth transition in a time of uncertainty and should make the additional administration for brokers a simple and quick process. We have already issued over 2500 cards and are anticipating many more requests as the 31st approaches. “

We've put together some frequently asked questions about the EEA Green Card.




Amy Yorston

Amy Yorston

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